A few words about us

The Ta’allum Group is a group of Premier Educational Institutions which stands for dedication to education. With a decade of commitment to its unique brand of holistic education, the members of its academic fraternity represent its motto of excellence and quality service. Ta’allum has created a brilliant future for its students in the educational and training sectors and has carved a niche for itself within the state of Qatar.

Under the auspices of the Emiri Decree and aligned with recognised international educational standards, the Ta’allum Group is dedicated to expanding the knowledge economy of its citizen in the 21st Century. Ta’allum operates under GSSG, Ghanem Bin Saad Al Saad & Sons Group and runs three academies in Doha, Qatar. These include Al Maha Academy for Boys, Al Maha Academy for Girls and Al Jazeera Academy.

About Us

As an educational establishment, Ta’allum strives to provide a unique and distinctive quality of education to its students. It persists to prepare them to be successful leaders and active members in their society by continuously offering a well developed and rounded educational curriculum. Our curriculum promotes an education which is based on thinking skills in a safe and encouraging environment, built upon strong human relations and the positive values of compassion, tolerance and perseverance. We provide many varied and multiple sources of knowledge, with a focus on modern technologies. In addition, we continue to focus on the social, educational outreach adopting the self-learning and cooperative mechanisms.

The Ta’allum Group of schools provide a premiere education system that reflects the highest international standards in a challenging, engaging and culturally rich environment. These schools were established with the firm belief that Qatar can, and must, provide a world-class education system for its citizens, alongside the enforcement of the highest standards of excellence and cultural integrity. We are committed to continuing to contribute towards Qatar’s potential for international prominence.

Our schools’ Education Model is an integrated K-12 school system based upon the proven and well established curricula frameworks of both the English National Curriculum and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) programs of study and on the most current research in education applied to the specific context of the State of Qatar. We are committed to preparing students within an educational environment that not only supports the realisation of each student’s full potential, but also enables them to compete globally in the academic, social and economic sectors whilst honouring the unique history, culture and values of Qatar.

Our schools offer education for students from Foundation Year through to Year 12. Courses will be conducted in English with the exception of Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Qatar History. Our curriculum is designed to educate the whole learner. In addition to our strong academic individualized programs, students also follow a strong cultural and heritage program (Arabic language, Islamic Studies and Qatar History).

Our courses in interpersonal learning incorporate reference to the importance of developing strong emotional intelligence and empathy. The academic and interpersonal strands are complimented by our enquiry based learning approach that also develops our students’ internationalism and global awareness.

The Ta’allum Group of schools constitute an extraordinary place for children to grow and learn. They provide a community devoted to academic excellence. Our community values knowledge, truth, beauty, wisdom, honour, compassion and service. At our schools, we have embarked on the 21st century journey with a spirit of adventure and a sense of fun!

Our schools will be working with students throughout the years to encourage them to make ‘the right choices for the right reasons’ in every situation they encounter. We value individualism and we know that each individual, through his or her responsible decision-making in the classroom, in the hallway, on the field and on stage, can have a huge impact on the lives of others within our communities and throughout the larger world outside our doors.

Ta’allum schools continue to be a pioneer in leadership, adoption and implementation of a number of programs that support students to build characters and values. Consequently, Ta’allum was the first educational institution in the Middle East to implement the ‘Leader in Me’ program in cooperation with the Franklin Covey’s Foundation, and that is by training administrators and teaching staff on the most prominent program in the world in personal development: ‘The Seven Habits’.

Ta’allum is proud of its commitment to implement its vision into practice by using various and numerous strategic educational tools. The most innovative one is the adoption and implementation of the program, ‘Al Hidaya’. This interactive educational program is based on the principle of a partnership between teacher, student and parent, with the goal of deepening the skills of understanding the Holy Qur’an, and the promotion of oriented concepts applied in practice of the Holy Qur’an and its values. In addition, there are opportunities for students to participate in Holy Qur’an competitions as well as the allocation of extra sessions in the school timetable for Holy Qur’an memorization.

Moreover, in order to achieve integration between class work and non-class work in the care of our children and the development of their personalities, we give them opportunities to take part in the Tarbia project which is a set of programs that focus on teaching Islamic values and encourage creative approaches to Islamic teaching and learning, scout camps, cultural competitions and sports at a school level and at the level of the State of Qatar.

The Ta’allum Group schools; trusted for educational development and applications of new technologies, introduced of the new Learning Management System (Connected learning gateway-CLG) which will be rolled out in the 3 schools of Ta’allum (Al Jazeera Academy, Al Maha Academy for Boys and Al Maha Academy for Girls) beginning of the new Academic Year 2015-2016.

CLG is an engaging and multilingual web-based social e-learning environment designed to enhance the full education process for teachers, students, management and parents. CLG improves the teaching process for teachers, makes learning fun and insightful for KG-12 students, and facilitates communication and collaboration between school administrators, teachers and parents.

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