Ta’allum Online Learning Programme - The First 3 Weeks – Reflections from the CEO and Director of Education


Ta’allum Online Learning Programme - The First 3 Weeks – Reflections from the CEO and Director of Education

Mr Ahmed Al Mannai, CEO of Ta’allum Education and Training, and Dr Mohammed Saefan, Director of Education reflect on the first 3 weeks progress with the Ta’allum Online Learning programme.

Mr. Ahmed Al Mannai, CEO of Ta’allum Group

In these unprecedented circumstances and now 3 weeks since the schools closures began and Online learning was introduced, I would like to offer my thanks and appreciation to all our stakeholders for their patience, fortitude and adaptability. Students have participated with enthusiasm. Parents have been supportive and Ta’allum staff have worked tirelessly to introduce a full programme of interactive online learning. Students are still unable to attend school but there has been no loss of learning. Across our 3 Academies; Al Jazeera, Al Maha Boys and Al Maha Girls, almost 5000 students have been attending ‘virtual’ lessons from home, ranging from the youngest KG children to mature Year 12 students in their final year. This is no small achievement.

Ta’allum’s previous decisions to invest in Education Technology have been fully vindicated at this time. Online learning and assessment are already firmly established for our students and staff. In many respects, our programme is a natural progression. This is why we have been able to respond so proactively to this situation.

Technology is transforming education and its impact just continues to grow. The use of technology in learning has long been a key component in our vision for educational success. We are proud to be a leader at the cutting edge of development as a Microsoft partner. All our 3 Academies have been designated as ‘Microsoft Expert’ schools – the first schools in Qatar to be accredited with this prestigious designation. We see technology as crucial to accessing learning. With every Ta’allum student in Years 4-10 in possession of an electronic tablet for use in class and at home, we are effectively encouraging learning 24/7.

We sincerely hope that the current situation improves for everyone, but in the meantime we have the capacity to offer quality learning experiences to our students indefinitely.

Dr. Mohammed Saefan, Ta’allum’s Director of Education

We are a learning organization and of course we listen to the feedback from our key stakeholders, our parents and the students themselves. This is helping us to make the adjustments to ensure continuous improvement and the best access to positive learning experiences.

Teachers have received extensive training. Our Virtual Learning Environment Coordinators have ensured that all staff have fully engaged in training programmes, particularly for the ‘Live’ lesson facility and the advanced use of Microsoft TEAMS as the main learning platform for all lesson content, resources, work submission and delivery. Some staff have benefitted through worldwide training opportunities with Microsoft. They have become ‘pathfinders’ and share their learning with other staff, enhancing expertise and confidence in the use of technology. Partnership and collaborative work are key factors in delivering success at every level. Our VLE Coordinators and IT professionals have also taken extra steps behind the scenes to ensure the platform can cope with increased demand


Our Online lessons offer a wide variety of enjoyable and dynamic learning experiences. Recorded lessons, ‘Live’ lessons, live chat, content through Powerpoint with video and audio clips to name a few – all place students at the heart of the learning. All the while we are seeking to innovate and improve. Plans are moving ahead to utilise the Century Tech programme with its AI based adaptive and intuitive assessment system, allowing students to follow a more personalized learning pathway. There has been an excellent response from our students who clearly value the interactivity. The lessons may be online but there is no substitute for the reassurance and the positive ‘dynamic’ of face to face interactive lessons when supporting students.

In conclusion, I would like to pay tribute to the hard work of those staff who have worked so hard for our young people and their families. Our aim is to keep moving forward. These are indisputably stressful and challenging times, but we’re pleased to be able to help parents, teachers and pupils continue focusing on education as best they can.

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