Ta’allum Middle Leaders Aim for Continuous Improvement and Impact.

Ta’allum Middle Leaders Aim for Continuous Improvement and Impact.


Ta’allum is committed to consolidating a continuous cycle of review and improvement in its schools. It has now placed the focus firmly on enhancing the quality and impact of Middle Leaders. The drive for improvement, led by the Governing Board, has required Middle Leaders to devise forward thinking Action Plans and to submit Monthly Reports on progress in their area of responsibility. These are carefully monitored by Senior Leaders and the Governing Body. 

The Monthly reports are designed to be ‘active’ working documents which provide an evaluative narrative of the Middle Leadership impact in Ta’allum’s ongoing improvement. The Action Plans set out specific, measurable, achievable, relevant timescales and targets for the next stages. Fundamentally, efforts are concentrated on improving teaching and learning with student achievement at the heart.  

Middle Leaders are often referred to as the ‘engine room’ of the school.’ The group comprises Heads of Subject Department, Coordinators and Achievement Leaders. In liaising between Senior Leadership and classroom teachers, Middle Leaders are ideally positioned to provide on-the-ground oversight and to create the drive  which ensures Ta’allum policy works in practice and is implemented effectively day to day.

Ta’allum’s Director of Education, Dr Mohammed Saefan explained ‘Effective Middle Leadership is essential to ensuring that our ambitious Ta’allum goals and strategies succeed in practice. Ta’allum Heads of Department, Coordinators and Pastoral Leaders play a defining role in achieving and sustaining strong school-wide performance.’ 

Ta’allum CEO Mr Ahmed Al Mannai said ‘There is a strong rationale for our expectation of Monthly Middle Leader reports and specific ‘departmental’ level Action Plans. Ta’allum has invested in Middle Leadership and it is important that all leadership is shared and distributed to create positive impact. We are stronger as a team.’ 

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