Ta’allum Education Director Leads Quality Assurance for Online Learning

Ta’allum staff have worked tirelessly to introduce a full programme of interactive online learning. Although unable to attend school, there has been no loss of learning and students are logging on each school day. They ‘attend’ virtual lessons which follow the normal school timetable in all their subjects. 

 In visits to all Ta’allum Academies this week, Principals and Consultants, led by Ta’allum Director of Education Dr Mohammed Saefan, participated in the quality assurance of online lessons using Microsoft Teams. Dr Mohammed said ‘We are determined to provide great learning experiences. As a learning and ‘listening’ organization we welcome feedback from our key stakeholders, our parents and the students themselves. This aids us to continuously refine, adapt and improve our online offer.

In the first 2 weeks of the programme, all Ta’allum Academies have reported a tremendous response. Students value the interactivity. The lessons are online but there is no substitute for interactive lessons with the teacher and class present, discussing and clarifying the learning.

In conclusion, Dr Mohammed paid tribute to the hard work of staff who have made a great effort, saying ‘Our aim is to keep moving forward. These are challenging times but we’re pleased to be able to help parents, teachers and pupils continue focusing on education as best they can.’

Ta’allum CEO, Mr Ahmed Al Mannai reflected on the first 2 weeks of lesson delivery. ‘Online learning, resources and assessment were already well established for our students and staff, so in many ways this programme is a natural progression of what we were already doing. Out of this difficult time for all of us, we hope this project will have a lasting legacy. We continue to learn, reflect and extend our expertise to give our stakeholders the best, most effective, high quality online learning.‘


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