Respect and Reminiscences at AMAB Year 6 Graduation

Respect and Reminiscences at AMAB Year 6 Graduation

Year 6 students from the Class of 2019 at Al Maha Boys Academy held their prestigious Graduation event at Katara Hall 16 on Saturday April 27th 2019. The ceremony was a celebration of the boys’ achievements and an expression of gratitude for their parents and the teachers who had inspired and guided them through their Primary years.

After delivering the ‘Welcome’ message to the packed Hall, Sean Dennis, Deputy Head of the Primary School, announced the procession of the Year 6 boys on to the stage, proud and resplendent in their formal Graduation gowns and sashes. Head of Year 6, Mr Mukhtaur Rahman praised the Year 6 boys’ progress, stressing the close bond which developed between staff and students

There followed warm speeches and varied entertainment. Students and staff marked the occasion with a mix of tradition, humour, reflection and thanks.  It was clear that the Year 6 boys have a great sense of excitement and anticipation for the challenge of Secondary School. There was also an understandable tinge of sadness at leaving behind their teachers and all the positive experiences of Primary School. In a remarkable display of courage, confidence and assurance, all classes and all the boys made a spoken or dramatic contribution to the reflections and entertainment on stage.

A striking and entertaining centrepiece in the ceremony was a reprise of the AMAB winning theatre production from the Qatar National Day events at Darb Al Saai. This was a short play performed by Hussien Al Khayat, Jumaa Al Hitmy, Fahad Al Marri, Ali Nasser and Hamad Al Balam. The play’s central theme that we should work together in the service of our family and our country seemed most apt for the occasion. There was some animated traditional Qatari sword dancing and the theme tune from ‘Chariots of Fire’ was used to exemplify the pressures and high points of education as students ‘raced’ through their school years to the Year 6 finish line! Students publicly proclaimed which of the values they had learned about at school had left the deepest impression. Respect was the most prevalent value.  

The Year 6 boys showed their appreciation for their teachers before being honoured with gifts themselves. The final act was the traditional ‘throwing of the caps’ as a symbol of their moving on to the next phase of education.

Ta’allum Senior staff and leaders paid tribute to the Year 6 Boys’ achievements. Mr Michael Myford, Head of Primary School emphasised the growing success of Al Maha Boys’ Primary School through an unwavering focus on ‘High expectations’ also stressing the ‘Islamic values which underpin all that the school seeks to achieve.’

Principal Shuja Uddin spoke of his ‘great privilege, joy and pride’ at witnessing the boys mature over his 5 years as an Academy Leader to become fine young students, urging them to aim high. He thanked the parents for their great support in close partnership with teachers and pupils.

Dr Mohammed Saefan ‘Al Maha Boys Primary School praised the students’ respectful behaviour as a key ingredient of the rising academic standards. I wish every student success on the next important Secondary stage of their education journey.’

Mr Ahmed Al Mannai, Ta’allum CEO said ‘There is great spirit of camaraderie and respect amongst the Year 6 Al Maha Boys and their committed staff. They are truly demonstrating the maxim -Together we are stronger.’

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