Integrating values into English, maths, and other subjects to mold the young as a total person, holistically

Dr Mohammed Saefan, Ta’allum Education Director, met with the principals of the three Academies, their heads of schools and deputies to underscore values integration in teaching academics. It was held at Ta’allum Head Office on the afternoon of 24th September 2018.

Dr Saefan pointed out that, “In preparing our young to be ready for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences as they leave to continue their journeys, we educate for the total formation of the students while they are under our care. Our unique curriculum gives importance to imbibing Islamic values that will guide them make the right decisions and act responsibly.”

Mr Ahmed Mannai (CEO) was also present at the meeting and agreed that the Ta’allum brand of education extends from academic competence to the development of Islamic values and leadership skills.

In touching on the guiding principles in the curriculum, Dr Saefan emphasised that the curriculum should foster Qatari identity and have a deeper love for Islamic values while they appreciate intercultural cooperation. 

One of the strategies for values education is facilitated discussions where students share their experiences, express their feelings about themselves and others. These are important so they could build better relationships. Also, students should be guided in resolving issues like bullying and other issues affecting them at home, in school beyond.  Among the important values students should develop are respect, self-esteem, teamwork, appreciating each other’s ability, respect differences, etc.

To develop leadership skills, students who show potential may be assigned tasks such as class monitors, prefects, Head Girl and Boy.

Holding festival days, tackling global events, and studying literature and art make them appreciate diversity. Helping and community service make them appreciate that we live in an interdependent world, and must, therefore, live in harmony amid diversity.

Studying great Islamic scientists and humanities develops a deeper sense of identity.

The talk ended with a reminder that values education is not confined to the classroom. It must extend beyond the classroom, and across all areas of the curriculum.

(These photos were taken during the meeting on integrating values into the curriculum.  2nd photo:Mr Ahmed Mannai, Ta’allum CEO [R], attended the meeting chaired by Dr Mohammed Saefan Education Director [R].)


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