CEO and Education Director New Academic Year Message

 New Academic Year : Message from the Ta'allum Group  CEO and Director of Education

Dear Colleagues,

The beginning of a new school year, like the dawning of a new day, reminds us that the future holds great possibilities. It gives us great pleasure to welcome you all to the Ta’allum Group of Schools, whether as a returning or newly arrived member of staff. We hope that your summer was relaxing, perhaps adventurous and you have had the opportunity to ‘refuel’ as a necessary component of the hard work ahead. We begin the academic year filled with hope, vision, and excitement. We wish everyone the best of success as we greet, this week, nearly 6000 Ta’allum students on the next stage of their educational journey of 2019-2020.

This academic year will again be shaped by our commitment to a philosophy of continuous improvement. Like a high jumper in competition, we repeatedly set the bar higher for ourselves but we do so with the confidence of recent achievements. Our accomplishments last year were wide ranging and impressive. The development of the text centred curriculum in Early Years, cross subject thematic planning in Primary, rising achievement levels in Secondary IGCSE and AS external results and record breaking participation in the national Holy Qu’ran Competition represent just a fraction of the achievement which culminated in successful WASC accreditation for all our academies. This is a clear sign that we have strong capacity to continue our improvement.

At the forefront of our priorities this year we will maintain our core focus on teaching and learning so that that there is greater engagement and interaction for our students.  We hope that you attempt new things in the classroom this year and that you challenge your classes with hard and interesting questions. Ensuring the safety of our pupils is also of paramount importance as is the development of our Values Integration policy. Our aim is to provide ‘deep learning’ with high achievement, increasing knowledge and understanding, always rooted in our strong Islamic foundations and values to produce well rounded future leaders.

We will maintain the implementation of many aspects already in place: for instance, sharpening the quality of planning and Programmes of Study along with further developing the quality of our Assessment Policy. This year we will focus on addressing a number of core developments in Literacy, building on initiatives such as the ‘Talk for Writing’ programme, particularly in Secondary. E learning and use of OWLTS will be ongoing as will the utilisation of Assessment and productive pupil level Data Analysis using Power BI. We are confident that we can meet these targets because we have staff who believe in the promise of educational excellence and collaborative teamwork, including across our academies. Later this year we hope to organise a Ta’allum Symposium to showcase and celebrate the developing areas of excellence within Ta’allum. We at Head Office will, in turn, continue to provide the infrastructure and human capacity to support your ability to make great things happen.

Our aim is to enable our students to develop into confident, articulate and caring young people who will be well equipped to adapt and meet the challenges of a constantly changing world. We all understand the importance of instilling strong Islamic values and integrating moral qualities into our students’ learning in order to give them the best possible start towards their future. This will enable our students to establish themselves amongst the very best when compared to international standards in this shrinking world and increasingly globalised context. We deliberately and intentionally nurture key virtues which we believe are essential to enable young people to flourish and thrive: kindness; gratitude; positivity; respect; teamwork; pride; humility; courage; and leadership. This can be achieved in an environment where lessons are typically energetic, challenging and engaging; where teachers genuinely enjoy working with students and understand implicitly what makes them tick; where there is so much going on outside of the classroom that everyone can find something that they can excel at whether as a footballer, Model United Nations representative or leading the prayer. We aspire to provide that ‘educational alchemy’ which builds the core strengths of our students: their sense of respect, their sense of humour, humanity and their sheer determination to succeed.

In closing, please let us reaffirm that each of us wants to make a difference in the lives of our students. We are confident that we will blaze a trail of accomplishment as, together, we launch the best year yet for Ta’allum Schools.

We look forward to a year filled with stories of great success and great learning.  Our students need your wisdom and care in a nurturing culture, full of life and energy and in which they are encouraged to find the best version of themselves, in sha’Allah.



Ahmed Al Mannai

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Mohammed Saefan

Director of Education

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