CEO and Director of Education Guide New Leaders in the ‘Ta’allum Way’

CEO and Director of Education Guide New Leaders in the ‘Ta’allum Way’

The ‘essence’ of Ta’allum’s distinctive Vision and Mission, highly popular with parents and stakeholders, was set out in detail for the new generation of school Senior and Middle leaders joining the organisation this September. Delivering an informative and heartfelt induction presentation, Dr Mohammed Saefan, Ta’allum’s Director of Education and Mr Ahmed Al Mannai, Ta’allum’s CEO met the new staff. The intention was to ensure consistency in procedures and the way things are done. Above all, it was to help them understand the high expectations of all staff and to communicate clearly what Ta’allum stands for and represents.

After outlining the pre-eminent role of Mr. Ghanim Bin Saad Al-Saad, Chairman of the Ghanim Bin Saad Al Saad & Sons Group, the parent organization of the Ta’allum Group, Dr Mohammed clarified the role and purpose of the Ta’allum Governing Body. He stressed that everyone is united in an absolute determination to deliver, and exemplify the Vision, Mission, Motto and Strategies of Ta’allum Group. The values underpinning the Tarbeya Programme are integral to Ta’allum, as are the Learner Outcomes for Academic, Leadership and Islamic Values.

Components of teaching and learning were presented, with reminders of the teacher’s complex role. Teachers build classroom climate, evaluate, facilitate, and question. Teachers are organisers, skillful team leaders, good ‘time managers’, leaders, friends, and ‘surrogate’ parents. They are challenging, active, and they make their lessons integrative, preparing students for their future roles in the wider world through Global Competences and the high emphasis on the breathtaking pace and changing scope of 21st Century technology.

Dr Mohammed emphasised the human dimensions and the emotional qualities and intelligence which distinguish Ta’allum teachers. Fairness is important, as is unshakeable confidence in the capacity of all students to learn. ‘Positive minded teachers believe in the success of their students.’ Preparedness and planning are also key components. The well-prepared teacher is more likely to be able to take time during lessons to notice and attend to students’ needs.

At times teachers must ‘forgive students for their misbehaviour and mistakes.’ We all know that mistakes are part of learning. Teachers who show interest in their students have interested students and a sense of humour and wit, when applied in the proper manner, make a positive difference. Respect as a two -way process is also essential for the Ta’allum teacher to demonstrate values in an authentic manner. ‘Those who are given the highest amount of respect are those who give respect to their children.’

Teachers with positive attitudes also possess high expectations for success. Students remember unusual things that their teachers do in a creative way. In conclusion, the CEO, Mr. Mannai, exhorted the new staff to aim high and be integral partners on our journey of rising standards and success for the Ta’allum Group.

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