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The Ta’allum Group is a group of Premier Educational Institutions which stands for dedication to education. With a decade of commitment to its unique brand of holistic education, the members of its academic fraternity represent its motto of excellence and quality service. Ta’allum has created a brilliant future for its students in the educational and training sectors and has carved a niche for itself within the state of Qatar.

Under the auspices of the Emiri Decree and aligned with recognised international educational standards, the Ta’allum Group is dedicated to expanding the knowledge economy of its citizen in the 21st Century. Ta’allum operates under GSSG, Ghanem Bin Saad Al Saad & Sons Group and runs three academies in Doha, Qatar. These include Al Maha Academy for Boys, Al Maha Academy for Girls and Al Jazeera Academy.

About Us

Ta’allum: Our Past, Our Present, Our Future

With over 15 years of commitment to a unique brand of holistic education, Ta’allum Group represents excellence and quality service. At Ta’allum we are creating a brilliant future for our students, carving a distinctive niche for outstanding education within the State of Qatar. Ta’allum Academies provide an exceptionalplace for children to grow and learn in a community devoted to academic excellence. Our community values knowledge, truth, beauty, wisdom, honour, compassion, and service.

The Ta’allum Group of schools offer a blend of respectful traditional values, combined with creativity and innovation, in a vibrant, educational environment. The quality of teaching and breadth of curriculum ensure our students consistently achieve the highest possible standards in their public examinations. All that we stand for is rooted, honoured and celebrated in our shared Islamic values.

The schools were established with the firm belief that Qatar can, and must, develop a world-class education system. We are fully committed to the Qatar National Vision 2030 to be an advanced society capable of sustaining its development and providing a high standard of living for its people. We engender global and forward- thinking 21st Centuryattitudes with Islamic values and respect for local heritage and tradition.

Under the auspices of the Emiri Decree, and aligned with the world class international educational standards, Ta’allum Group is governed by GSSG, Ghanim Bin Saad Al Saad & Sons Group, and operates three high- achieving academies in Doha, Qatar. These include Al Maha Academy for Boys, Al Maha Academy for Girls and Al Jazeera Academy. Due to our popularity, support and demand in the community, plans are progressing to expand further with new ‘state of the art’ buildings under construction

Ta’allum students have access to outstanding opportunities to extend their learning beyond the classroom, developing a fully rounded, exciting, enriching, and supportive learning experience, throughout their time at Ta’allum so that they can thrive in their future as successful leaders and active members in their society. 

WASC Accreditation

All Ta’allum Academies’ are fully accredited with the prestigious international Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) benchmark. This signifies high standards, excellence, and our ongoing drive for continuous improvementthrough proactive leadership.

Outstanding Curriculum, Outstanding Learning

Our outstanding curriculum nurtures students’ capacity for independent and cooperative learning and appreciation of the need for lifelong learning. The curriculum develops students’ thinking skills in a safe, positive encouraging environment, founded on strong human relations and positive values of compassion, tolerance, and perseverance. We provide a wide array of knowledge and learning, with a focus on modern technologies.

The Ta’allum schools’ Education Model and programmes of study are based upon the proven and established curriculum framework of the English National Curriculum, leading to external IGCSE and AS examinations with the Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) boards.

Our schools offer education for students from Early Years through to Year 12. Courses are conducted mainly in English, with the exception of Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Qatar History.

The Ta’allum Curriculum is:

  • is in line with national and international requirements.
  • challenging, inspiring and aspirational, developing students’ creativity, independence and leadership, so they are happy and secure in their learning environment.
  • tailored to the needs of the individual child to promote self-confidence, perseverance, and self-discipline.
  • designed to equip students with the knowledge, qualifications, and skills necessary to access next steps and make well-informed choices.
  • based on strong moral, Islamic and community values.
  • rich in cross-curricular and extra-curricular activities, which are open to all students.

 Examination Results

Ta’allum IGCSE and AS results are well above national and international averages and are some of the best in Qatar and the Middle East, leading to high success in Thanaweyah. A majority of our students’ progress to prestigious university placements.

Strong Partnerships

At Ta’allum we prioritise the involvement of parents in their child’s education and in the life of the school. We believe that co-operation between home and school is key to academic success.

We have close links with universities in Qatar, across the UK and internationally.  All students are guided to learn more about university education and the future career pathways open to them.

Holistic Education and Values

Ta’allum’s emphasis on interpersonal learning incorporates development of strong emotional intelligence and empathy. Academic and interpersonal strands are complemented by an enquiry-based learning approach that also develops our students’ global awareness.

Our schools encourage students to make ‘the right choices for the right reasons’ in every situation they encounter. Responsible decision-making in the classroom, in the corridor, on the field and on stage have a significant impact on the lives of others within our communities and throughout the wider world. 

Ta’allum schools are pioneers in the leadership and implementation of programmes to support character building and values. Ta’allum students participate in the Tarbeya project, with its focus on Islamic values, encouraging creative approaches to Islamic teaching and learning, scout camps, cultural competitions, and sports at a school level, across Qatar and internationally.

The goal of deepening skills, understanding, reverence for and practice of the Holy Qur’an and its values is integral to Ta’allum. There are opportunities for students to participate in Holy Qur’an competitions as well as the allocation of extra sessions in the school timetable for Holy Qur’an memorization.

Ta’allum - At the Forefront of Innovative Educational Technology.

Ta’allum is at the forefront of innovative use of technologyto support learning. We are proud to be a leader at the cutting edge of development as a Microsoft partner. All our 3 Academies have been designated as ‘Microsoft Expert’ schools – the first schools in Qatar to be accredited with this prestigious designation. We see technology as crucial to accessing learning and ensuring our students are equipped with advanced 21st century skills to be successful leaders of the next generation. Every Ta’allum student in Years 4-10 has an electronic tablet for use in class and at home, effectively encouraging learning 24/7.

All staff are trained in advanced use of Microsoft TEAMS as a main learning platform for lesson content, resources, work submission and delivery. Some staff have benefitted from worldwide training opportunities with Microsoft. They have become ‘pathfinders’ and share their learning with other staff, enhancing expertise and confidence in the use of technology. Partnership and collaborative work are key factors in delivering success.

Ta’allum online learning incorporates a variety of enjoyable, dynamic learning experiences through the delivery of recorded and ‘live’ lessons. All the while, we are seeking to innovate and improve. For instance, we have introduced the Century Techprogramme with its AI based, adaptive and intuitive assessment system, allowing students to follow a more personalized learning pathway.

The Ta’allum IT Infrastructure includes the award winning School Information Management System – SIMS, AX Dynamics, Microsoft Office 365 Tools and the Power BI Analytics which supports forensic data analysis of students’ achievements to shape the most effective approaches and interventions for students. The positive impact is greatest in classroom learning through an array of ‘ground breaking’ online resources, such as, Tapestry, Tales Toolkit, Bug Club, Starfall, Phonics Play, Mathletics, I Read Arabic, Power Maths, Read Write Inc, Active Learn, Accelerated Reader and others. Every classroom is equipped with a Promethean interactive whiteboard to enhance learning. All of this consolidates Ta’allum’s positive and growing reputation as the leader and ‘pathfinder’ in technological education.”

Education Director

Dr. Mohammad Saefan

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